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the story of nefertweeti's cat

Many moons ago, in ancient Egypt, there lived a remarkable ancestor of The Bullpuss. He was referred to as Nefertweeti's Cat for reasons that shall be explained here.



Nefertweeti's Cat had a sister, called Nefercati and the two were inseparable.

Next door lived a most intellectual person, who, as a scribe, architect and polymath, was revered throughout the land as a fount of wisdom.

Unfortunately, his own cat, Imcatep, was a sphinx of very little brain.



One day, Imcatep was watching his Old Master perusing the latest tablets that had arrived from the stone masons; looking for errors to ensure that, when the proclamations went out, no-one could complain of inaccuracies.



The stone masons did lots of work for Imcatep’s Old Master, usually to the exact specifications required, but on this occasion, they had run out of one of the best stones, and had substituted a rather softer, white, chalky rock that came from the far north.

Imcatep invited his friends Nefertweeti's Cat and Nefercati to call round to see the new tablets, and just as they arrived, Imcatep was reaching up as tall as he could, to slough his claws against the front of the chalky, white stone.


Nefercati noticed Imcatep's claw marks scratched deeply into the face of the chalk.

She nudged her brother, and Nefertweeti's Cat stepped up to examine the marks.

“Mirrawacow!” he mewed, “I wonder …..”

He reached up to the spot where Imcatep had started and spent the next ten minutes making tiny scratches, additions and alterations to the hieroglyphics.


As he finished, he stepped back, turned and smiled at his sister.

Nefercati had been watching with intense concentration. She reached up and made the tiniest of corrections.


Many centuries later, when these tablets and stones were found buried under desert sands, they were immediately sent to the most learned of modern day scribes and intellectuals.

Once translated, accurately, they thought, the white chalky tablet was deemed to say:

“For the finest of Pussypaws snacks, check with the Bluebirds and Plovers”.


And thus it could be claimed that Nefertweeti’s Cat had invented social media marketing.


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