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A brief description of each of the stories, to save you the burden of accessing eBay, Etsy, Amazon,  ArtPal & Zazzle, etc etc just to see what each is about.


Story Synopsis, early books
Short half page with the cover and brief description of the first books
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1 Book 1


out of print

Here Come The Ginger Nuts

Here we introduce Tigtoes, Squimps and the Mopprag and describe their fun and games with the birds and frogs in the garden, where Squimps has the misfortune of an early bath.

First book, the ginger one
2a Book 2 complete More Fun With The Ginger Nuts

In "More Fun With The Ginger Nuts", we describe how Captain Bullpuss causes a minor disturbance to Tigtoes, Squimps and the Mopprag but his misdemeanours are forgiven when he helps Old HedgeDog with his takeaway deliveries.

Second book, the Blue one

 - Young Mistress And The Ginger Nuts

"Young Mistress And The Ginger Nuts" is a shorter tale showing how Louisa learnt her manners, as Tigtoes and Squimps demonstrate their paw dexterity on the phone.  
3a Book 3 complete Bullpuss And The Ginger Nuts

In "Bullpuss And The Ginger Nuts" we relate how, having thought that the garden was rather quiet with the absence of Captain Bullpuss, the real Bullpuss arrives and causes havoc whilst waiting to gain official admission through the cat-flap and back into the arms of a loving family.

Bullpuss And The Ginger Nuts from MrSquimpsCatShop on Etsy
3b      - The Ginger Nuts Pull A Leg

In "The Ginger Nuts Pull A Leg", Old Master is in bed with the flu and in need of cheering up, so the complete gang oblige with fun and frolics.

In between these two tales is a short piece describing how cats enjoy the appearance of the Christmas turkey.

4 Book 4 complete Cats At The Cottage

In "Cats At The Cottage", the four jolly Ginger Nuts accompany their people on a winter visit to the holiday cottage (somewhere in East Cumbria); the car and trailer cause issues in the snow, the local farm felines need handling with kid paws and the local wildlife needs urban sustenance to help with the long winter. Here we meet Benson and his family of barn-cats.

5a Book 5 complete The Ginger Nuts And The Rats

The Ginger Nuts and the Rats - trouble, crime and a recalcitrant criminal; featuring Hedgedog, Judge Owl and Vulpo the urban fox; but why is m’learned friend Squimps wearing a dolls wig?

5b      - The Ginger Nuts And The Intruder

A burglar is foiled in his attempts to gain access to the Ginger Nuts domain

6 Book 6 complete Five Furry Tails From The Ginger Nuts

Contains the following five short tales

6a      - Visit to Vets Never a welcome journey for overweight felines  
6b      - A Twin For Mr Fluffy  A blocked vacuum cleaner, full of loose cat fur, makes our friends think that one of the brethren is missing  
6c      - Enormously Fat Pigeons  Squimps' favourite big birdie  
6d      - Kaius Rules the Roost  A neighbouring cat joins in with the late autumn fun  
6e      - Bad Day for Bullpuss  More weighing in snags at the Vets  
13 Book 7 complete The Ginger Nuts And The Parrot A long story of wildlife and adventures around the wilds of Fallowfield, with insistence of being back in time for tea  
30 Book 8 complete Ginger Nuts Alphabet Lots of pictorial help for little readers with the alphabet, numbers and colours; (original printed .pdf was too large for Kindle and needed to be split in two)


30     Ginger Nuts Numbers & Colours Lots of pictorial help for little readers with numbers and colours only available on Kindle
33 Book 10 needs illos completing The Ginger Nuts Go Camping

Another one story book, where the cats are invited to go on a camping holiday in the family's home-made camper van. Firstly to the Peak District where the camper proves rather cramped and secondly, after modifications plus the conversion of the trailer, to the lowlands of Scotland where the Ginger Nuts have an adventure with Wild Bill Hicat and his gang of Border Retrievers.

33a      - English Peak District    
33b      - The Lowlands Of Scotland    
34a Book no illos Young Mistress, Home At Last Our daughter's illness, from the cats point of view
only available on Kindle
34b      - Ginger Nuts Christmas the aftermath  
14 Book 11 needs illos The Ginger Nuts And The Rescue Kittens Tabitha and Mungojerrie come to stay, much preferring the Ginger Nuts clan to cages in the rescue centre  
22 Book 12 needs illos Bobby Bunny Meets The Ginger Nuts A conceited rabbit pal from nearby has mastered the art of escaping from his Old Mistress' apartment, but is woefully lacking in street-wise panache. Our cat friends offer help and guidance  
20      - Mungo and Tabitha Meet King Rat Bullpuss convinces the newly grown up kittens, that the only way to sort out the rodent issues, is to visit with their leader and placate him with gifts and bribes  
16 Book 13 needs illos completing More Tiny Tails From The Ginger Nuts A catch-up collection of the short tales which whizz through the author's mind and need trapping within a book even if catch-up on the illustrations takes far longer  
16a      - Tabitha, Mouse Ventura Tabbo is an ace mouser  
16b      - Tabitha's Mouse Creche Tabbo devises sneaky plans to gain access to mice family life  
16c      - Mungojerrie And The Vacuum Cleaner Robots Computer controlled vacuum cleaners can be commandeered by an intelligent feline (Tabbo) and used to chase her easily skitted step-brother (Mungo)  
16d      - Tabitha And Mrs Vulpo Tabbo learns more of the ways of the wild from the local vixen  
16e      - Mastermind For Cats Every pun I could think based upon cat language - Tigger being the most talkative!  
16f      - Pigeon Panache More avian temptations  
16g      - Hi Tech Cats I can still claim that this is the first cat story which features the new Apple watch - please disillusion me if you know better  
16h   not used  - Tabitha's Diary Tabbo wishes for quieter times  
16i     - The Fat Cats of Quatt A short poem commemorating a fine village in south Cheshire  
15 Book needs completion Ginger Nuts Go Walking

A simpler tale with lots of illustrations for our younger readers

(Unfinished 08 Mar 2016)

17 Book needs completion Even More Tiny Tails the next set of short stories  
17a     Pigeon Vignette Mr Squirrel, Carpenter  
17b     Mungojerrie's Dream Young Master has explained to Mungo, a little to the background of Swift's Gulliver's Travels  
17c     The Story of Wild Bill Hicat How Wild Bill Hicat came to hope that he was related to Scottish Wild Cats, and organised his doggy gang of Border Retrievers  
17d     Captain Bullpuss on Treasure Island The tiresome practical joker retires with his people to a older persons' settlement but the slow pace of life does not suit him.  
18     Cats To The Rescue see 42 below  
19   needs completion Ginger Nuts Pantomime A extensive series of acts, anecdotes, vignettes, pastiches and displays, which the felines and their wild life chums put together as a winter entertainment  
20       see King Rat above  
21     Vacuum Cleaner Robots Tabbo intuitively works out how to control and take advantage of the family's new machine, much to Mungojerrie's dismay.  
22       see Bobby Bunny above  
24     Pirate Cats Another Lake District story  
25     Cats Go Hiking in the Lakes    
26     Mungo Takes the 'A' Train see Story Card 45 below  
27   needs illos Brother Palumbus    
28     Doves of Bowness    
29     Vanity Fur    

final check, publish

Tale of The Kitbots    
31     Mr. Tigger's Journey    
32 Book 9 complete Clawed, The Kit From Red Bank The tale is set in Lyme Regis, a handsome Dorset seaside resort on the English Channel and features some new cat characters, mainly Clawed and Ginger-Ginger who are delighted to find that the famous Ginger Nuts jazz band, featuring Bullpuss on double-bass, Squimps on piano and Mungo Jerrycan on baritone saxophone are booked to appear in the town as part of the jazz festival. Cameo appearances are made by Captain Bullpuss, whom we first met in Book 2, "More Fun With The Ginger Nuts" and Benson, drummer with the jazz band. Having got on so well with the farm and barn cats as related in Book 4, "Cats At The Cottage", the Ginger Nuts always looked forward to the next trip to Cumbria, to renew friendships with Benson and his family and exchange anecdotes.  This story is specially for the older parent reading to a child, since the jokes require a knowledge of the jazz pantheon and songs from the Great American Song-book.  
33       see Camping above  
34       see Young Mistress above  
35     Bobby Bunny Returns    
36     Mungo Links With His Ancestors    
37     The Badgers, The Foxes and The Space-Lynxes    
38     Badgers Versus Foxes a footballing saga  
39   written, needs illos Bowser, Wowser and the Vacuum Cleaner Robot    
40 Story Card complete Bullpuss At The Beach Bullpuss loves accompanying his people on their beach holidays. The children have arranged cat sized versions of everything he might need, including a pea-green boat just in case an Owl turns up. Etsy Beach link
41 Story Card complete Bullpuss Dresses Up Diving into the children's dressing up trunk, yields surprising results Etsy link
42 Story Card needs completion Cats to the Rescue in Lyme Regis Seagulls, spikes on roof-tops and local hedgehogs  
43 Story Card complete Le Chat d'Henri Matisse a homage to the master of the Cut-Outs Etsy French Connection
44 Story Card needs completion Mrs Vulpo's Bedtime Story, the Fox and the Crow How the fox-cubs got their names  
45 Story Card complete Mungo Takes The 'A' Train Homage to the fellows who restore old steam locomotives and the people who arrange nostalgic trips back to our youth Etsy Duke's Place
46 Story Card complete Nefertweeti's Cat How the ancient Egyptians may have invented social media networking Etsy link to Egypt
47 Story Card complete Ginger Nuts Pull a Leg

every joke I could think of as the jolly Ginger Nuts amuse and entertain Old Master as he recovers form "man-flu"

(see also 3B above)

Etsy link
48 Story Card complete Tabitha's Mouse Creche Tabbo devises a plan to lull the mouse families into a false sense of security Mouse creche link
49 Story Card complete The Tale of Tiger Hare another streetwise puss, a near neighbour of the Ginger Nuts Etsy Tiger Hare
50 Story Card complete Tigtoes the Joker Cat Tigger "Does" Tommy Cooper, Groucho Marx and Eric Morecambe ... more tributes Etsy Story Card
51 Story Card complete Vulpo and Olde Speckled Henry Vulpo relates how he was instrumental in the rehabilitation of Bullpuss Etsy link Fox n Hen
52 Story Card complete Cats Go Interplanetary An intergalactic adventure with Space-Lynxes landing on Earth to ensure all felines species are well-looked after Etsy to Major TomCat
53 Story Card complete The Ascent of Cat Bields our friends mount an expedition to scale one of the most popular hills in the Lake District, that well known World Heritage Site and bump into an old friend who is providing sustenance to the local wildlife. Nicola the Lynx makes her first appearance.  
54 Story Card complete Bullpuss Hancock's Half Hour

In the early series of Hancock’s Half Hour, during the 1950’s, if Galton and Simpson found they were a little short on the script to fill the 30 minutes of the broadcast, they would construct a Tony Hancock monologue, where, using the features of his somewhat bombastic, selfish, overbearing nature, they would cast him as the “pub-bore” and he would talk AT some unsuspecting nearby fellow, bragging and exaggerating what he thought and what he reckoned he had done.

Alan Simpson, since he had desires to be an actor, would play the part of the “put upon fellow”.

As a nod to the brilliance of their script-writing and the actors faultless comedic delivery, I write and offer “Bullpuss Hancock’s Half Hour” as a small tribute.

55 Story Card needs completion All the World's A Stage An excerpt from the Ginger Nuts Pantomime, where the ancient genus of wood-lice rise to the occasion and relate anecdotes from their ancestors, who were presnet behind the wainscotting in William Shakespeare's time  
56 Story Card needs completion Beryl Squirrel The local Pizza delivery fellow has a mishap on his bike and the local wildlife benefit, led by the grey squirrels  
57 Story Card   Pookies Re-enactment Society The Pookies pay homage to the artistic and literary greats of the past with staged tableaux to commemorate famous works  
58     Canal Boat Cats I have never managed a break upon a canal barge, but since electric ones are gaining in popularity ..... anyway since dogs and cats can be easily taken on holiday, the literary inspirations will flow!  
59     Simpkin "Does" Sir David Attenborough A tribute to the famous naturalist  
60     Cats Go Touring A series of 1950's single decker buses is used to transport the cat families, to widen their education and outlook  
61     Tale of The Bullpuss What happened to The Bullpuss after abandonment by the students and before he was rehabilitated and adopted by the Ginger Nuts family  
62     Flick The Robin Bluetits arrange a bouncy winter-time twig game, much to the amusement of the watching indoors pussy-cats  
63     Cats Do Graffiti Cat gangs roam the Fallowfield Loop, a wild-life strip haven, and help decorate the undersides of bridges  
64     The Book Of Ginger Cats For our very youngest readers, with lots of shoes!  
65     The Tiger Who Left After Tea A tribute to the brilliant authoress, Judith Kerr  
69 Story Card   Ribby Joins the Ginger Nuts Cats and Kittens 7 and 8 join the Clan  
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